Brittany + Nick's Skaneateles and OCC Engagement

In about, oh, nine months and some change, Brittany and Nick are getting married. I already know so many of the details they are working on for their big day, and I can't wait to see how stunning it will be in person. Watch how fast June comes!

We started out on this thousand-degree evening walking around the beautiful town of Skaneateles, melting but having the best time. We got some amazing shots by the water and in front of this super pretty historic hotel (my favorite). From there, these two athletes had the fantastic idea to finish our shoot at OCC, where Nick works. This was a blast, for real. We had the whole field to ourselves, their adorable dog Nala tagged along, and the setting sun turned the sky a gorgeous dusky pink (my favorite again). It was perfect for them — and so perfectly in line with their personalities. I love the shot of them in front of the Onondaga "G" (they are the future Mr. and Mrs. G) and Nick even put their wedding date up on the scoreboard. 

I can't tell you how excited I am that we get to do it all over again on a much grander scale next summer. You guys are the best.