Stephanie + Kyle’s Home Engagement | Syracuse, NY Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Stephanie got in touch with me and explained her thought process behind a unique, very organic, and personal home engagement shoot. And, she added, she’d really love for the photos to be in black and white. She went on to share she was a fine art photographer herself, and glad she had found someone with a moody style similar to hers. As resident Moody Wedding Photographer™ of my area, I was very excited to hear this. I knew immediately we were going to be a very good fit.

Out of curiosity, and because I love to talk shop, I asked her about her own photography. She linked me to a Flickr gallery filled with beautiful gritty landscapes, nature, and…boarded houses and crumbling rooms. I mean…yeah. We were going to get along just fine.

Stephanie and Kyle wanted something different, but also simplistic and minimal. They weren’t interested in any kind of particular location or backdrop, and instead wanted to focus 110% on the relationship they share as two people who genuinely click and love the daylights out of one another. That’s it; just love in its natural state. It’s my favorite thing to shoot, and they were both totally effortless in that from my point of view.

My many thanks to you two beautiful and creative people for involving me on this amazing shoot. I can’t wait to see where your wedding plans (and moody photo explorations) lead you next.