Heather + Olin's Backyard Celebration | Buffalo Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Heather and Olin met during a game of Ultimate Frisbee while vacationing in Georgia. I mean.

It’s the kind of story that makes it hard to deny fate’s intervention. When you meet them, and watch them interact, it’s impossible to imagine them as anything but together. They are perfect mirrors and complementary in ways many people can only hope to find in a partner. I am truly lucky I got to photograph such a beautiful couple.

They got married in what we in the biz call a “backyard wedding,” though please don’t let that term imply this event was anything but immaculate. Olin’s family home served as the venue, and was a photographer’s DREAM. A pond, dock, woods, campgrounds, soybean field…and then two hours of portrait time to let us play with it all. It was so much fun. Oh man. We ran (literally) from one thing to the next and had an absolute ball.

When couples ask me for wedding planning advice, my go-to response is to urge them to be themselves and put thought into making the day theirs. I don’t think Heather and Olin could have done a better job with that, and their guests will remember the experience always. Every single detail of the day had their own spin on it, rounding up their love for camping, the outdoors, and their families. So much down-to-earth love and happiness was buzzing around. I left with a lightness in my heart that stood with me for days.

Congratulations, guys! Ya spoiled me with this wedding. It was an honor.