Nicole + Adam at Chittenango Falls | Syracuse Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Right? I know.

Next summer, I have the extreme privilege of shooting their wedding. Given how much fun this was, I can safely guess it's gonna be a pretty awesome time.

I've lived in the Syracuse area for almost five years now, and there are still so many spots I've never visited. Chittenango Falls was one of them, about 40 minutes east of me. Adam grew up near the area, and it ended up being a really pretty backdrop for our session. The foliage, which is as fickle as it gets in Upstate, actually held out and photographed like a dream. The golds and oranges and reds that filter in through the green are just awesome. Much like my two friends here.

Nicole and Adam are the best. They are crazy about each other, and that makes me crazy about the photos I took. I'm just, like, overwhelmed but how great it is that I get to work with such amazing, genuine, down-to-earth people.

October has ended up being my busiest month of the entire year. I'm currently finishing up edits on several shoots, and majorly tackling the start of holiday articles. My peak season as a writer is the opposite of my peak as a photographer. They mirror each other nicely; it's just busy.  Stay tuned!