Deb + Keith's Cayuga Lake Celebration | Finger Lakes Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Let's go back eight years.

Early December, 2006. Matt and I had officially been together for a month, and he was driving me home to meet his family. Ten minutes before we reached the house, a buck leapt the guardrail and, can probably do the math. It was pacing up and down a dark highway, staring at Matt's totaled Honda, not knowing whether to laugh or cry because I hit a deer four weeks earlier, where I met Deb.

Deb is now my mother-in-law. I owe her a great deal. She raised a son who became the best thing to ever happen to me, and the person I can't live without. She routinely supports and encourages all our endeavors. She lets me know when she's proud of me. Growing up, I watched my grandparents treat their sons and daughters-in-law like their own children. There was no "divide" that so many people seem to complain about with in-laws. And that's the relationship I have with Deb. She treats me like one of her own children, and has for nearly a decade now.

Keith came into the picture several years later, and fit in like he was always meant to be there. Keith and I share a lot of niche interests, and we can sit and geek out over spiders or photography or whatever for hours while everyone else gives up trying to follow along. But what's most important about Keith from Matt's and my perspective is how happy he makes Deb, and what a great fit for her and the family he's been from the start. 

They tied the knot at the family lakehouse in a stunningly intimate occasion with perfect weather and a backdrop of glassy water. Matt and I handled the music and photography for the day, respectively, which had me fighting the urge to make a million corny jokes about man the DJ is a babe, maybe I'll ask him out! I refrained, I'm sure much to everyone's gratitude. Matt also sang during the ceremony, which charmed everyone there as typical for him. Debby wore (and rocked) my wedding hair piece, her something borrowed I was very touched and honored to provide. I was also honored to be able to give them these photos. It was one of the most special days I've ever photographed, and I will hold it very close to me always. 

Congratulations, Keith and Debby! I love you both.