Caitlin + Eric's Backyard Farm Celebration | Syracuse, NY Fine Art Wedding Photography

If you know anything about me, you'll know that few things are more special for me to shoot than backyard weddings. And in Caitlin and Eric's case, their "backyard" was a gorgeous family farm that had been passed down to Eric from generations before. It was every bit as stunning and as meaningful as they intended it to be, and possibly even more so. 

I met Caitlin and Eric a year ago on their property, and we walked around taking photos. I got to hear all about what they were planning for their wedding in the coming 10 or so months. To see their vision all come together in a manner that puts some of the actual wedding venues I've shot to shame was incredible. And they had over 200 loved ones to accommodate, which they did perfectly. 

I'm honored to have been part of a day that was thought out to the letter. Every detail counted. Nothing was overlooked. Everything had meaning. Cait and Eric, I wish you nothing but continued love and memories in this new beautiful chapter.