Karah + Pat at Cornell University | Ithaca, NY Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Karah and Pat’s beautiful Cornell wedding marks the last of my full-day 2018 weddings. Their timing was spot-on. Fall has been super weird this year, and we’ve had nonstop rain, sleet, and now snow. But these two got to spend the most perfect day at their alma mater, with Cornell (and Ithaca) providing a stunning-as-usual backdrop.

Pat and Karah were surrounded by a large group of the most incredible friends and loved ones. Their personality shone everywhere — from Karah’s love of glitter and pink, to the couple’s adoration for animals (pleeeease look at the chihuahua placecards, handmade by Pat’s mom). It’s always so special to see people celebrate their big day at a place they love, surrounded by people they love, and I was very honored to be a part of it.

I had help shooting this wedding, so thanks are in order to the super talented Jenn Matcham for providing her own set of stunning images for Karah and Pat.