Jessica + Steve's Backyard Celebration | Ithaca, NY Fine Art Wedding Photographer

I can't believe this is only my first post of the season, because I've been shooting/editing nonstop for weeks. But finally! I'm so happy that I'm ready to start sharing my gorgeous '17 folks. 

Jessica and Steve rented a beautiful Ithaca home to host their wedding. They and their loved ones were treated to a cloudless sky, acres of rolling hills, and golden sunshine that transformed the entire setting into a Hopper painting. After a sweet ceremony officiated by friends, everyone spent the evening flying kites, chasing chickens, and dancing on the lawn. It felt like the perfect way to celebrate these two and their love for one another.

It's easy to see what brought Jessica and Steve together: They're both incredibly warm, generous, and down to earth, while simultaneously being incredibly accomplished. I'm so impressed by the pair of them and their plans for the near future. I don't doubt they will do great things, and their success will only be bolstered by the fact that they are together in this thing called life.

I wish you all the love, my friends. Congratulations!

Flowers: Plenty of Posies
Food: Macro Mamas  
Music: Jayne Demakos, harpist
Makeup: Miel Beauty Bar