Kim + Adam at Bristol Harbour | Rochester Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Kim and I had e-mailed back and forth only a handful of times when, browsing my save-the-dates, she recognized a familiar face.  "...You're Matt's wife!"

And that's the story of how we learned that we actually graduated together. This world is small, my friends.

Though we didn't know each other in school, I'm sure glad we know each other now. I'm beyond thrilled to share this set with you all, as well as Kim and Adam. I'm in love with it. It was a truly unique day for two brilliantly creative and soulful people. Shooting weddings like this is why I do it.

When I arrived at Bristol Harbour, a little early as usual to scout, the weather was the stuff of dreams. A clear, stunning view of Canandaigua Lake under a hazy sheen of thin clouds, just enough to perfectly diffuse the light. I admired the view and chatted with Kim's dad for a minute, marveling at what a beautiful day it was. Then I headed in to start shooting. I came back outside a short while later to photograph Kim's shoes and ring, and hey; still perfect. By the time guests were filtering in and we were setting up for the ceremony, the clouds ominous and the skies opened up. At one point, it looked like a downright monsoon. Luckily, it only took a little patience to wait out the storm. 

During the ceremony, Kim's sister recited Pablo Neruda's "Sonnet XVII" while I followed along in my head, feeling emotional hearing the poem we recited at our own wedding. I have a major soft spot for Neruda. The dog-eared book next to my bed will tell you he turns me to mush at the drop of a hat. Then Adam recited his vows in sonnet form. Like, are you kidding me? It was so touching.

The rain continued to start and stop, making us duck in and out for portraits whenever we could. It did not take away from the day.

When the reception started, I found myself fawning over pretty much every detail in the room. The dino planter centerpieces (made by local Rochester artist Prismatic Gardens), the cakes, the signage, the favors and placecards. Just so much detail, so much effort. And so, so unique. The live band played swing tunes all night (and yeah, they swing dance) and it was just rad, okay? I had a ball.

This was my last wedding of the season before officially switching gears to being Amanda the Writer. I cannot express to you how awesome it is to end 2014 on this note.  Kim and Adam, you are flawless and beautiful. You will achieve wonderful things in this life. Thank you for having me.