Christina + Tim at Corbett's Glen | Rochester Fine Art Wedding Photographer

This is one of my favorite sessions so far this year. And that's saying something, because I've been moon-eyed over all of this season's work. Tim and Christina are a stunning couple. When they get married, Christina will make one of the prettiest brides I've probably ever seen. They've been together a long time, and it shows. It makes me happy as a photographer, and a person, to see two people who just work. It was 92 degrees during this shoot, and the humidity was at least a thousand percent. I'm being dramatic but it was stifling hot under those trees. We kept stopping to fan ourselves and just...try to breathe. I think these two still look pretty amazing considering how uncomfortable the conditions were. And toward the end, no one could help it anymore; we all ended up in the creek. It was awesome.

Corbett's Glen is a nature trail near my hometown. It was Christina's idea and I was so, so happy she picked it because it's great. I love shooting in the woods, but I'm not generally one to fawn over natural walks because if you've seen one you've kinda seen 'em all. However, this is a really good one. Something about the way the tree line wraps around the pine-needle covered path reminds me of walking through a fairy tale. It's a unique experience. It's elegant. It's romantic. I've been trying to remember the last time I shot there, and as I type this I realize it's been at least a few years. I was still in school. I remember having the photos critiqued.

On one end,  you can enter the wooded trails and get lost in said fairy tale land. This is what I did. Literally. On the other end, you can access a large tunnel, waterfalls, and a beautiful shallow creek through a residential neighborhood. When I first got there I walked, I dunno, a quarter mile before realizing I was lost in the woods like a toddler. I had a short window of panic where my mind fabricated dramatic news headlines about a jogger finding a skeleton in the forest holding two cameras. Then I calmed down. And went back to my truck. And found Tim and Christina, who laughed at me like they should. I'm late in sharing this, but very excited to share it nonetheless.