Karri + Mike at Ellison Park | Rochester Fine Art Couples Photographer

Karri and Mike just got their own place, and we shot first at their townhome (with lots of big windows and natural light, yes) and then headed over to Ellison Park at sunset. The mosquitos were awful. I anticipated this, and brought bug spray…which I then left in my truck. Learn from my mistakes! I really love the natural feel of these, and I’m glad to see my style continue evolving in a more organic manner. I think it flatters my clients well.

I’m excited about a lot of stuff I have coming up the pipeline. My project with About.com is wrapping next week, and I will definitely miss the interesting work and great people I’ve gotten to know over the past several months. Once that’s finished, I have lots of photo on my plate! I don’t mind working from my desk, but I’m ready to get back out in the field. With my writing schedule, I’ve booked one wedding per month this year from now through the fall. I am so looking forward to each and every one.

That brings me to my next announcement! I’ve done a lot of reflection the past few months. I’ve gotta admit, I have felt the stress of a chaotic schedule start to take it’s toll on me. I’ve also felt something missing from my life, and I’ve recently identified what that is; shooting for enjoyment, rather than necessity. With that said, I’ve decided I’ll be narrowing business down this year to be specialized in weddings, couples, and the occasional commercial gig. Those are the things I truly enjoy shooting for work. The rest of the time will be dedicated to growing my editorial/writing career and my personal portfolio. I have neglected that for far too long.

It’s time to do what makes me happy, and more importantly, be true to myself in the process.

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