Hello, darling — I'm Amanda.

I'm a photographer, writer, urban explorer, preservationist, wife, animal lover, yogi, and artist based in Syracuse, NY.

I got my start in food and product photography fresh out of art school. Today, I specialize in what I adore most — weddings and people in love.  

My style is creative, romantic, modern, organic. I'm a non-traditionalist. I'm heavily inspired by fine art, nature, and unconditional love. Atmosphere is my everything — I'm crazy about weddings in the rain, sundown, and dreamy, moody low light. I try to see things a little differently and capture genuine, candid emotion in a way that tells your unique story. All the while my amazing, stunning couples become an extension of my family.

Here's what I'm not crazy about: photos that are cheesy, stiff, dated, or one-size-fits-all. There are countless wedding photographers working inside the box. My couples and I are much happier standing outside it. 

Let's make something beautiful. Contact me!

All images © Amanda Bellucco Photography 2018